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👋🏻 Hello! I’m Joanna.

I am a user-centric mechanical engineer that designs, builds & tests physical products for impactful & delightful human experiences ✨

a bit about me

📍 San Francisco, CA

PREVIOUSLY: Mechanical Design Engineer @ Gradient CURRENTLY: Freelancing w/ informal & catching up on my backlog of knitting projects 🧶

🟢 Available for opportunities! View my resume here & feel free to contact me for a more detailed portfolio at [email protected].

I bring over ****8 ****years of experience building both physical & digital products at all phases of the product development process, with the last 3 years more focused on mechanical design & manufacturing.

My interdisciplinary background as a biomedical engineer, hands-on experience in the shop, and wearing many hats at many early-stage startups has given me the tools to take a product from concept to production.

With these experiences, I have learned to be versatile, adaptable, and to go into each problem with enthusiastic curiosity and empathy. I thrive at the intersection of engineering & design, love to collaborate with others, am always excited for the opportunity to help others and their products tell their story.

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👩🏻‍💻 Mechanical Design